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Important Features Of The Best Garden Hose

Clear Flow Garden Hose

Clear Flow Garden HoseA regular garden hose can do the trick of watering the plants in your garden. But there are even better alternatives for this job. Perhaps, the latest garden hose from Clear Flow is one such alternative that is highly regarded by most homeowners today. If go to Amazon.Com, you may find that more than 84% of consumers who have reviewed this garden hose have given it the full 5-Star Rating, which is quite rare for a product on Amazon. Quite a number of people consider it t be the best garden hose that they have ever come across. Here are some of the major reasons for their ratings.

Lightweight –

The Clear Flow garden hose comes in four different lengths such as 25, 50, 75 and 100-feet. In fact, the 100-feet hose weighs less than three pounds. The weight of the hose counts a lot when you are watering the garden or lawn. In fact, you may have to carry it around when you are watering various parts of your garden or lawn. It is not that troublesome to change positions because of the lightweight of the product. The hose will not cause any damage when it inadvertently touches the plants and shrubs due to its lightweight. This is in stark contrast to the traditional hose, which can easily damage the plants and shrubs in your garden if it touches them.

Portability And Storage –

The hose is only 5/8 of an inch in diameter, and it remains flat when in not use. The hose will grow to its full diameter only when you are using it. In fact, it is an expandable garden hose for that matter. The product is self-draining and water doesn’t get collected inside and add to the weight of the hose. This lightweight garden hose is quite portable, and you may easily lend it to your friends and neighbours when they require a garden hose. It is quite flat and you will not require a large space to store it. The self-draining feature and the design of the hose makes it one of the easiest to roll up and store.

No Leakage –

Water leakage is quite common in most of the traditional hoses. There is some water that will flow from the faucet when it comes to a traditional hose. Most homeowners take it as a fact of life, pay the water bill and move on. But this is not the case when it comes to the Clear Flow garden hose. It comes with heavy duty fittings to ensure that all the water that flows from the faucet goes to the hose. You will not waste water and create puddle near the faucet die to this reason.

Kink-Less –

The constant kinks in traditional hoses are accepted as a normal occurrence by the majority of homeowners. You move the heavy traditional garden hose around, and suddenly you find that there is no water flowing out. So, the homeowner has to stop what he/she is doing and try to locate the kink. Then, he/she will maneuver it so that the kink is straightened out. It is quite annoying, tedious and time consuming, but you have no other choice than to utter a choice of profanity every time it happens. Well, you will not have such an issue with the Clear Flow garden hose because it is definitely kink-free. The water would keep on flowing through this flexible garden hose. The material used for the Clear Flow hose doesn’t cause a blockage similar to the traditional rubber hose. Just imagine how helpful such a hose would be. In fact, you have to definitely experience it to see the difference. You will not be frustrated with frequent water flow interruptions with the Clear Flow hose. It leads to stress-free watering at all times.

Tough And Durable –

Rubber hoses are prone to easy damage, which means you have to get a new hose now and then. But the Clear Flow garden hose is quite durable and will last for a long time. It comes with a long 10-year warranty for that matter. The product is made in North America, and not in some Asian country where the quality standards may not be on par with our expectations and the labor is cheap.

The product is freeze-resistant since the water flow is rated for up to -10 degrees Celsius or 14-degrees F without wind chill. The hose is flexible up to -40 degrees with a pressure rating of 90 psi. But the product has been burst tested up to 230 psi. The hose didn’t spring any leak even after an encounter with a snow blower, which was the experience of one reviewer.

Safe To Drink From –

Homeowners become easily thirsty when they are watering the lawn or washing their car on a hot summer afternoon. Most of the time, they are tempted to drink water from the hose. This is not a good idea if they are using the traditional rubber hose. Kids playing outside may have the same urge and drink from the hose not knowing of its dangers. Most of us use the garden hose to fill the pet bowls with drinking water. The problem with regular hoses is that water builds up inside it. The water becomes stagnant inside the hose over time. Algae and toxins can build up inside the tube due to its darkness. Most of the garden hoses in the US, don’t meet drinking water safety standards.

This is where the Clear Flow garden hose comes in handy. It meets drinking water safety standards, and is verified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). These hoses are BPA free. Algae will not proliferate since the hose is made of clear material. UV light will kill algae and bacteria effectively. Since the hose is safe-draining, water will not get collected inside the hose.

Conclusion –

All of the aforementioned reasons have made Clear Hose a clear winner among the garden hoses in the US. Another salient feature about the product is that despite all the superb qualities, the price is quite reasonable. It offer quite a bang for your buck.

Description: The majority of consumers have claimed that “Clear Flow” is the maker of some of the highest quality garden hoses that a homeowner can find today. This article highlights some of the main reasons for it.