Real Reviews of Cool Product Innovations

Whizable! is the home of Smart Products for the People. There’s a lot of product review resources and un-boxing sites out there but most of them cater to consumers willing to spend a premium. This site is dedicated to finding affordable, innovative product, while evaluating the supplier/retailer, and if possible, testing the widget out.

Why are you here?

Are you interested in enhancing your lifestyle with gadgets or technology? Do you want to have the latest and greatest products before they trend?

We are Gadget Nerds.

As Tech Entrepreneurs and eCommerce Specialists, we have the chance to work with inventors and product creators and innovative companies. And above all, we have the opportunity to see quality product go to market.

The Whizable! team is all about advancement and enhancement. Time will not wait for us, and the future wave of inventive products will be here whether we embrace them or not. You can conduct your own research – but we would like to do it for you.

What makes a quality product in our eyes?


Is it innovative?

We love product that saves time, enhances productivity, and is user friendly. Is the good or service an improvement of current, similar products on the market? Is it slick? Is it “smart”?


Should the average person purchase this product based off what it offers? And at the current price point?

Is the product durable?

Will this purchase investment be worth it and reliable. How is the material quality and is it assembled to last? Are the components used in manufacturing the best available?


Does the product do what it is advertised and intended to? Does it over-deliver? And importantly, is it enjoyable and easy to use?

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Purchasing online shouldn’t be an intimidating or unpleasant process. Let’s simplify it!

Online consumers are often hesitant buyers because you can’t physically hold the item before you buy. You don’t have the luxury of inspecting the quality of the product or it’s material. Plus, there’s a chance that the product will arrive and it will not be what you expected. Then, you must go through the unpleasant process of returning the item, reimbursement, and finding a new seller. There’s also a chance that you will receive damaged product which is beyond the retailer and your control, and the onus is on the carrier.

The Whizable! Team has been buying online since web stores would accept their credit card information. They have encountered every downside of ordering product online and wised there was a resource to guide them, so became Whizable! — finding innovative product, evaluating the supplier/retailer, and if possible, testing it.