About Us

The Whizable Team!


My name is RJ. I am a tech entrepreneur and part-time writer. I have always been interested in the latest gadgetry and educating my friends and family on the benefits of staying current with technology. Now, creating a forum such as Whizable! with my colleague and close friend Andrew, allows us to reach a wider audience of e-friends and showcase the slickest gadgets entering the marketplace.

I walked into an Apple Store after hours in Summer of 2014, and came across a group of Seniors deeply invested in their workshop with an Apple Genius. I hovered for a few minutes and observed. What I saw was a dozen people trying to adapt. These people were making an effort to conform to the technological era where it serves us constantly during our day to day lives. The Apple Genius carried such a welcoming tone and was very proud of his pupils, whom seemed to be quite proud of themselves as one man whipped through editing a Final Cut Pro sequence and another lady edited images in Lightroom. It was a moment that inspired me to educate a broader audience of any demographic.


Andrew Powell is the head of online branding and web development for Whizable¬†and Invntis International. Andy is as talented interacting with technology as he is executing RMB’s online vision. With a background in psychology of online visitor experience, he excels at navigating needs and applying solutions. Andy is as optimized and as maximized as the web expertise he provides. Advanced in Analytics, Internet Marketing, SEO, SEM tactics and in-bound marketing he is systematic and concentrated upon success. Andy is the engine that runs all web infrastructure, implementing best practices, efficiencies and effectiveness at every step.

Andrew’s passion for technology and branding is what drives him to be a part of the creation of Whizable. A website focused on strong reviews about great innovations that help people and the world prosper. Let us do the leg work, and you can benefit from the product.